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Counselling: In today’s world counselling has become the need of the hour. Stress has taken a toll on women, adolescents and children. Through individual counselling clients realize their true potential and are assisted in setting attainable goals. At Pledge we believe that
every individual is inherently capable of solving their own issues and we remain facilitators in the process.
We assist clients to deal with issues in the following areas:
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Parental challenges
  • Behavior Modification
  • Adoption( pre and post adoption)
  • Work relationships
  • Inter personal relationships
  • Sex education for adolescents
  • HIV
  • Learning Disabilities
  • ADHD
  • Altered Self Esteem
  • Motivation
  • Loss and Grief
  • Anger Management

Special Education: Consulting and Training: The field of special education is relatively new in India and has gained importance only in the last decade or so.At Pledge we believe that every child is remarkable.We focus on empowering parents and their children to face the challenges of learning. Training is provided to parents to deal with the academic pressures that their children face in schools and colleges. Inclusive education is encouraged and parents and children are made aware of their rights within the Indian educational system.

Remedial classes are provided for children with difficulties in reading, writing, comprehension, and maths. The special educators are well equipped to deal with children. One on one approach is followed to make learning more meaningful and fun. IEP’s are individualized incorporating both learning and behavioural issues.

Cogmed: An international computerized program based on sound research offered by Pearson to address working memory constraints. Please visit for further information. Cogmed is being offered in India by Pearson and Jennifer Tavares is a Pearson Qualified Cogmed Coach.

Training Programs:
Pledge offers training on an on-going basis in Life Skills for teenagers, Parenting challenges, Dyslexia Remedial Programs and Behaviour modification. Kindly follow us on Facebook  for further updates.

Training Programs conducted since inception:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Skills Training of 25 hours duration for counsellors and therapists. This workshop is conducted in collaboration with Mrs. Marykutty Augustine- CNS CBT: Trinity College: University of Dublin.
  • Internship and Training Programs for counsellors and special educators: An eight week program enabling counsellors and special educators to get an insight into what dyslexia really is & how these children gain from remedial classes. School counsellors gain from this in-depth experience to go back to their fields and assist school managements, parents and children in understanding children with learning difficulties, ADHD and behavioural issues & in setting up effective programs in order to handle these issues. Counsellors are also empowered to advocate for changes in the educational system which will benefit the disabled child.
  • Workshops for Counsellors, Special educators and parents on:
    Understanding Reading Difficulties: Strategies and Interventions.
    Understanding a child with ADHD and Behavioural Management.
    Phonetics and Spelling Strategies for children with Dyslexia.
    Strategies to Promote Emotional Intelligence in Children.
  • Training Programs for Parents of children with Learning Difficulties and ADHD: This program is tailor made to empower parents to meet the educational and behavioural challenges their children face in schools.