jenniferJennifer Tavares has over 15 years of experience as a nurse before becoming a committed and qualified counsellor. She continues to teach B.Sc. Nursing students Psychology as a part of the curriculum. Working with people comes naturally to her and she easily engages with adults and children. It is with this conviction that Jennifer decided to set up Pledge Academy in 2012.
Her experience includes life skills training, team building, enhancing study skills, assertiveness, personal development, behaviour modification, and other guidance and counselling issues. Jennifer is also a Special educator and along with the other team members she regularly conducts workshops on Learning Difficulties and ADHD. In 2012 she was certified as a Pearson Qualified Cogmed Coach where she coaches children and adults to address working memory constraints.

Maria Raj worked in the Finance field in a multi-national company, until her children came along. She then dedicated her time to her children, their needs and their educational requirements. Having found success and satisfaction in teaching her children, she went out to volunteer in teaching children who were first generation school-goers, where little help was given to them at home.
She completed a course in learning disabilities, from The Spastics Society of Karnataka and volunteered with Spastic Society for 2 years. She is now a full time Special Educator at Pledge Academy and is involved with teaching children with difficulties in learning, specializing in phonetics and math skills. She is also involved in the different trainings conducted at Pledge academy.


Sonika Yadav did her Masters in Educational Psychology from State University of New York, Albany, USA. She currently works as a child counsellor at Army Public School, Bangalore. She has more than 10 years of experience in child counselling. Along with her full time job, Sonika also works as a special educator at Pledge Academy. She has a deep passion for children and in depth knowledge about psychological concerns among children and adolescents.

mrs augustineMrs.Augustine’s first teaching experience dates back to 1966 and 48 years later it’s part of what she does: training eager learners in CBT skills. The one motto and impetus that made her to move from class rooms in schools to bedside of patients in hospitals was: “Therapeutic use of self”. Having been at patient care since 1977, the same urge to put to best use herself therapeutically, she pursued her Masters in nursing specialization in Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing which gave her the opportunity to train budding nurses in class rooms and at clinicals. It was while working in Ireland that the same motive prompted her to train as a CBT therapist from TRINITY COLLEGE, University of Dublin. Since then she worked in Dublin providing personal therapy to adult clients. Here in India since 2012, she continues to provide personal therapy to students at Christ University. Providing personal therapy and training at Pledge Academy to those who are engaged in using themselves therapeutically fulfills the answer to her CALL!


Manisha has worked in the education sector as a teacher in humanities for 17 years. Over the last five years she has been working extensively with children with learning disabilities and is very passionate about her work. She currently works for Horizon Public School as a special educator and is also attached to Orkids and Pledge Academy which works for learning disabilities. Manisha has also completed her MA in child mental health.

sharon hartley

Sharon Hartley completed her masters in psychological counselling from Christ University, Bangalore. Since graduating in 2013, she has been working as a counsellor at St. Francis School in the ICSE and SSLC divisions. She provides individual counselling and leads psycho-education classes as well as seminars for parents and students. Having worked closely with students with learning disabilities, Sharon recognized the need for special education in schools and decided to pursue her passion by joining Pledge Academy. She hopes to apply her acquired skills and knowledge to work with children and adolescents to unearth their unlimited untapped potential.

Nethania Pereira-Saldanha

Nethania Pereira-Saldanha received her master’s in psychological counselling from Christ University, Bangalore. She has experience working in a corporate counselling environment providing one-on-one therapy in various mediums, including in person, over the phone and online. She’s currently a counsellor at Sacred Hearts Girls High School, where she leads personality development classes and workshops for teachers, parents and students. She has been part of the Pledge Academy family since January 2014 because of her genuine interest in advancing a noble cause and furthering the field of special education.